Proteínas Argentinas S.A. is a company committed to creating and offering healthy and tasty foods.

Since its founding in 1973, we have been constantly developing new products that are an alternative in healthy eating. We are the fruit of many years of work for a better quality of life through food.

Our commitment is to offer healthy, high quality, easy to prepare foods, thus responding to the trust that people place in our brands.


We are the first manufacturing company of vegetarian alternatives since 1986.

Food balance

The key to good nutrition lies in eating in a variety of ways. All experts agree that Western food is too rich in products of animal origin and that at least 50% consumption of vegetable proteins is necessary.

Constant innovation and diversification

We create healthy varieties and options for all audiences and for all tastes.

Selected raw materials

All products are prepared with ingredients that you know because we know how important it is to be aware of what we eat.


We have products that adapt perfectly to your lifestyle and your table.